Wheelchair cushion may keep off ulcers by adapting to pressure

Wheelchair users face variety of challenges, as well as the actual fact that remaining sitting for long periods of your time will offer them pressure-induced skin ulcers. a replacement accommodative cushion, however, might keep that from happening.

Developed at the University of American state at urban center, the device is formed from individual electronically-inflatable/deflatable segments, in conjunction with a network of pressure sensors.

When somebody at the start sits on the cushion, those sensors produce a digital map, indicating the area unitas of the body that are being subjected to the best amounts of pressure. The device responds by by selection further-inflating or deflating its segments, so as to distribute the pressure in order that it is not focused in specific areas.

Additionally, when establishing a pressure profile once someone 1st sits thereon, the cushion take to vary that profile sporadically, to stay pressure from build up in anyone place. The technology may even be incorporated into accommodative linings put in on the sockets of artificial legs, that will minimize the possibilities of the user developing pressure ulcers on their stump.

"This technology contains a multitude of applications in medicine fields," says co-inventor Dr. Muthu Wijesundara. "We very feel that it shows nice promise in serving to patients and their caregivers avoid the pain of stress ulcers and sores."

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